Q: What is Gift A House and how does it work?
A: Gift A House is a FREE service to help anyone reach their dream of home ownership. We offer a “no cost” personalized down payment registry that you can share with friends and family on social media. Vendors and retailers gift you rebates, discounts, and other rewards. Our Real Estate Services include referral and relocation assistance that spans the globe. We can also offer counseling on special programs to help get buyers into a home that they can own, and we give back as well when you use our services!


Q: What does it cost to set up my registry?
A: It is totally free and very simple. Fill out your profile form, set up your Paypal account, add pictures, videos and your story to share with friends and family. Post on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Watch the donations grow!


Q: Will I be notified when a donation is made to my site?
A: You will receive an email notification with the amount and the person who made the gift.


Q: Most funding/registry sites make money by taking a percentage of the donations or charge a fee. What does Gift A House charge?
A: Nothing at all! We are here to help couples and individuals achieve their home ownership dreams with no added costs and no obligation!


Q: Does Paypal charge a fee?
A: Paypal charges for their standard transaction fees for using their services. We do not add anything for ourselves. For more information regarding Paypal, please visit www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/paypal-fees


Q: Are there advantages to using Gift A House – Real Estate Services?
A: Absolutely! We offer a referral program that puts home sellers and buyers together with the right Agent anywhere in the world. For anyone using our services we offer a rebate at closing off our Referral Commission proceeds. So on top of the vendor rebates and rewards, Gift A House itself also makes a substantial gift rebate at closing towards your dream of home ownership.


Q: What’s in it for Gift A House?
A: Our dream is to help home buyers find and afford a new home and hopefully be the chosen  broker or referral agents of choice when they are ready to search for their next home. We have a top referral program to help pair the right agent with buyers in any market – anywhere in the world. If a fraction of our user/members use our real estate services, we can continue to promote this free product to anyone who wants it.


Q: We are getting married and really don’t need the traditional wedding gifts. Can this be our wedding registry for a home down payment in lieu of a toaster or blender?
A: Gift A House can be a Registry for a Wedding, Baby Shower, Graduation or anything that you desire. The gift money goes into your own private Paypal protected account and can be used for a home down payment or for anything else. It is up to you how you use the funds.


Q:  What do you mean by Vendor Rewards and Rebates?
A:  Glad you asked! As a member you will have access to a directory of local vendors in areas like event planning, retail, financial, real estate products, and more… these vendors offer special rewards and rebates to our users.
EXAMPLE: If you have a wedding coming up and need to find a caterer, a venue, or need a DJ, Jeweler or Florist – we have exclusive deals for you. The offer could be a special discount or a rebate that could even be applied as a gift donation to your account – or something else. In the situation where you choose a mortgage lender, title company, or other financial product, it may be that the rebate is paid towards the closing costs on your new home purchase. The offers are varied but always valuable.